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New Music:  Tisha Campbell-Martin, “Steel Here”


Many of you may know Tisha Campbell-Martin as the successful and patient wife, “Gina Walters-Payne” from the hit sitcom, Martin.  Well, I’m sure we all forgot that Ms. Campbell-Martin is also a multi-talented singer and dancer.  She is a triple threat, which is hard to come by in today’s entertainment industry.  Tisha Campbell-Martin is now returning to her music chops and sharing her new single, “Steel Here” . From the sound of the music and the visuals, we are glad she is back!

Campbell-Martin’s, “Steel Here” is a song about resiliency and overcoming the many obstacles that she has experienced in her life’s journey.  The song has a powerful message that all can apply to their own lives and reflect that through it all they are still standing.

Love this song and this video!  Tisha sounds great and it’s so good to see she can still move with the best of them (i.e Janet Jackson).

Check out the video below and share your thoughts!

New Music: PJ Morton, “Claustrophobic”

PJ Morton

Hi Soulsters!  We wanted bring you the latest single from singer/songwriter and Maroon 5 member, PJ Morton, “Claustrophobic“. We haven’t heard much from Mr. Morton, since his wonderful 2013 release,”New Orleans“, so it is so great to hear from him again. Morton’s “Claustrophobic” is him expressing disdain for being put in a box musically. The music industry definitely has the ability to stifle any creativity an artist has and I’m sure many artists can relate to this song. What PJ Morton is singing about is one of the reasons why the music industry and radio is dead. So much of the music on the radio is uninspired and has no depth. It’s just filler with no soul to it.  This song is powerful and it gives voice to those just wanting to be creative and have it be accepted as it is.  PJ Morton has always been a gifted and soulful songwriter and “Claustrophobic”  showcases that effortlessly.

Check out “Claustrophobic” below and share your thoughts!

Music Review: Ledisi – The Intimate Truth

intimatetruth-ep Hey Soulsters! Ledisi has just released her new acoustic EP, The Intimate Truth! This seven-song offering showcases Ledisi’s music from her album, The Truth, which was released last year.

If you have ever heard Ledisi, you know that she will never disappoint. She has one of the most dynamic voices in the game today. So when this EP was announced, I looked forward to hearing how she could blend that powerful voice in with an acoustic sound. The songs are great and she kills every note. No one can touch that voice and what she is able to do with it. Her vocal acrobatics are incredible. However, The Intimate Truth is not an acoustic album in the true sense. When you think of acoustic you think of voices blending in with the guitar, piano and percussion in a way that it is all one sound. Ledisi’s voice is so powerful that it overshadows the instruments. I would have just loved to have heard her soften her sound if she was going to do an acoustic offering, otherwise, The Truth could have just stood on its own. The songs that stand out the most to me, are “Like This”, “I Blame You”, and “Lose Control”. If you enjoyed The Truth, you will definitely enjoy this EP. Ledisi does what she does very well!

The Intimate Truth is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Ledisi Official Website

New Music – Black & Sexy TV: “That Guy Mixtape Vol. 2”


So while on hiatus I’ve been on YouTube following my favorite web series, Black and Sexy TV’s, “That Guy”. Let me tell you this series has me on the edge of my seat literally! It follows the every day ‘hood adventures of best friends, Judah (as seen through his camcorder), Deon, and Mike along with a supporting cast of colorful and real characters that round out this playful and engaging series. This is an independent production written, directed and produced by the super talented Jeanine Daniels, who also plays Deon. I have fallen in love with this show and can’t wait to tune in every week. The season finale aired last week and boy was it a doozey!

While watching this series along with many of the others (“Roomieloverfriends”, “Hello Cupid”, “Yellow“) that Black and Sexy TV offers (for free I might add), the music lover in me just couldn’t help but find myself groovin’ to the music that plays throughout each episode. I mean, the music is really off the chain and accompanies the scenes so well. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Ms. Daniels also has a hand in choosing the songs that will be in the show…if I read the credits correctly. Well she definitely knows music, what’s hot and how it can frame a scene. Many of the songs highlighted throughout the series serves as a platform for incredibly talented independent artists to have their music heard on the popular YouTube channel. Black & Sexy TV is giving these artists much needed exposure and love which I can certainly appreciate.

Now they have released free downloadable mix tapes for their series’ in the past and this current release is the second for “That Guy”; it’s also the best one so far. It has a mix of Soul, R&B as well as Hip Hop. I was so happy they decided to put out a soundtrack to this particular episode. These songs are bangin’ and I’m sure there was a high demand for the music from the fans this go round. Songs like, “Love Love” by Belvi, “Slip Away” by illCamille, “Cravings” by GTW and Befang, and “Crusin’ Down LaBrea” also by Belvi are my standout favorites on this offering. Just real chill and laid back sounds and vibes. Love it!

You can find the free downloads for the “That Guy” Mixtape, Vol. 2 here as well as free music downloads for their other shows. Good music and it’s FREE! Is that awesome or what?

Check out the Black and Sexy TV channel on Youtube here. The season finale is available here. This episode is $3, however, it’s 45 minutes long and if you are a fan of the show, it’s definitely worth that and more. Support these folks and what they are trying to do with independent film and music!

Love Love by Belvi

Listen Up! Eric Roberson, “Anymore”


Happy Friday, Soulsters! Check out new music from one of our favorite independent Soul artists, Eric Roberson or as we like to call him, Erro! We here at Soulster Vibes are SO excited that he is working on his new album, “B-Sides, Features and Heartaches”, set to be released on February 4th. More music from Mr. Roberson…you definitely can’t go wrong with that. Enjoy!

Listen Up! Jairus Mozee – The Elevator Album


I was searching the web for some GOOD music and came across the single, “Just How You Like” from jazz guitarist, Jairus Mozee’s, “The Elevator Album”. He is based out of Long Beach, CA and has worked with Anthony Hamilton, Robin Thicke, Cee-Lo Green and Faith Evans among many others. If you love J Dilla, “The Elevator Album” is right up your alley. Listen to the tracks below and let me know what you think!

Just How You Like

How about this one? Time featuring Ronee’ Mozee

Or this.. Elevator

Well if this has wet your musical appetite, then check out his entire CD here! Support GOOD music!

Listen Up! Lalah Hathaway featuring DivaGeek : “Shine”


As usual the lovely Ms. Lalah Hathaway never disappoints. This single with Electronic/Dance duo DivaGeek is pure fire! Her voice is as smooth as silk and it’s the perfect weekend jam. Never thought of these two artists getting together, but it proves to be a great mix of soul and dance music. Take a listen and start your weekend off right!

Available on iTunes

Official Lalah Hathaway Website
Official DivaGeek Website

New Music: Gwen Bunn “Nervous”


Giving love to Decatur, GA native Gwen Bunn on the release of her new single, “Nervous”. Gwen is a singer, songwriter and producer who has been heard on many of my favorite joints from Darryl Reeves, Wes Felton, The Foreign Exchange, Zo! and so many others. She recently produced SchoolBoy Q’s “Collard Greens” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Gwen has been a quiet storm in the underground music world for a few years now. Her talent is immeasurable and I can’t wait for her upcoming release, Melody Dungeon scheduled to drop January, 2014. Keep an ear out for her. Sista is about to BLOW UP!

Check out Gwen Bunn’s music here:

Album Review: Amel Larrieux “Ice Cream Everyday”


Hey Soulsters! Finally Amel Larrieux’s latest release, “Ice Cream Everyday” has seen the light of day! If you have been following this blog and me on Twitter, then you already know that I have been highly anticipating this album along with many other fans.

“Ice Cream Everyday” reintroduces us to Ms. Larrieux in fine fashion and reminds the fans of why we missed her. Her angelic vocals serve as the necessary backdrop for the tracks provided and not the other way around. When listening to this album I tried to imagine the actual music without her voice and I just couldn’t. Her vocals are so intricately woven into the music, so layered that they are all one. I love how this has been consistent in all of her projects and has become her signature sound. Not many artists today are successful in doing this. Amel Larrieux’s vocal arrangements are complicated, beautiful and for a lack of a better word, “Sick”.

Songs like “Soon”, “Berries and Cream”, “Moment to Reflect” (one of my favorites), and “See Where You Are” are examples of this. Speaking of “See Where You Are” this song spoke to me the most. I’m sure many others listening to the lyrics can identify with the message Amel is conveying. It pulls at the heart of those of us who are trying to discover our purpose and passions in life. This song asks you to basically re-evaluate your life. When she ad-libs the important question, “Do you like it?”, you can’t help but feel the energy and mission of that song. It definitely stirred up emotions for me. “Orange Glow” really showcases her vocal prowess. I didn’t realize she was capable of hitting those notes!

I absolutely loved this album and enjoyed it from beginning to end. It’s a little off the beaten path as far as sound but that is why I enjoyed it so much. Amel Larrieux has stayed true to her art and her fans which is so important in today’s cookie cutter music rat race. These are the artists that I will continue to support. Welcome back Amel!

Amel Larrieux – You Don’t See Me

Ice Cream Everyday available on iTunes and your local independent record stores.