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Dangerfeel Newbies-Hariet

Hariet Cover

Hariet by Dangerfeel Newbies is a brilliant concept album inspired by the story of Mr. Dangerfield Newby, one of five African-Americans of the John Brown party.  I love music that entertains, inspires as well as teaches listeners something of value.  Dangerfeel Newbies is based out of Atlanta, GA and consists of Jamal Ahmad, (DJ) Mark Angel (DJ) and Darren Wagner (DJ, Keyboardist, Musician).

Hariet’s sound encompasses so many genres such as House, Soul, Funk, Jazz and a little Hip-Hop and it all flows together effortlessly.  When Hariet opens with the smooth jazz feel of“Hariet’s Theme” and goes right into the groovin’, “You Make Me Something” featuring Lamaj, you know you are about to embark on a wonderful wave of music.  Songs like, “Shine” featuring Mashan Da’Lyric,  and “Swinging with the New Jacks” are so melodically refreshing and uplifting.  They both either make you want to dance or nod your head to the rhythms in appreciation.  The world renowned vocalist and jazz artist, Julie Dexter is also featured in “I’ve Got To Live My Life”.  A lovely song about making a change, her voice and the track just take you away.  It’s just beautiful.

If you haven’t heard of them yet or you have and haven’t had the chance to check this album out, please just do it.  You will love this album.  It should serve as a collector’s item for all of the real music heads out there.  By the way,  take the time to research the rich history of Mr. Dangerfield Newby and his story.  This is a perfect example of music entertaining us and bringing somewhat obscure information about our history to the forefront.  Check out Hariet and let them know what you think!

Dangerfeel Newbies, Hariet is now available on iTunes

Dangerfeel Newbies Official Website

Dangerfeel Newbies, “Shine”

Dangerfeel Newbies, “Always With Me”

The Rebirth – Being Thru the Eyes of a Child

REBIRTH_Final_Album_FrontCover_4Empire-275x275If you want to hear timeless music from a GREAT Soul/Jazz band, then look no further. The Rebirth is that band. They have just released their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Being Thru the Eyes of a Child”. Just like it’s predecessor, “This Journey In”, this album is such a classic piece of music.

The Rebirth is a seven member band that hails out of Los Angeles, CA and is led by producer, keyboardist and vocalist, Carlos “Loslito” Guaico. Members of The Rebirth are lead vocalist, Baskerfield Jones, Mark Cross (keyboards, vocals), Nikki Campbell (percussion), Patrick Bailey (guitar), Chris Taylor (drums, vocals), and Daniel Seeff (bass guitar). Their signature sound consists of jazz, soul and funk.

I was introduced to this band by hearing their single, “Everybody Say Yeah”, on a local radio station here in Atlanta (Jazz 91.9 FM WCLK) back in 2006. I became an instant fan then and made sure I attended one of their shows when they stopped in Atlanta. All I can remember was the cool vibe and so much awesome music from that show. It was crazy! I danced my butt off that night. That show was easily a good three hours but no one cared. We were encouraged to let go and feel the music..and we did just that. Since then their debut, “This Journey In” has been on repeat in my life’s soundtrack for years. I waited so long for this album and even heard rumblings of a break up at one point. But alas, The Rebirth returns and  releases this album.  It is certainly worth all of the waiting that their fans had to endure.

Being Thru the Eyes of a Child” is a sonic kaleidoscope of rich vocals, crisp instrumentation and atmospheric sound effects that when pulled together brings the listener into a different dimension. Songs like, “Religion To Me”, “Caterpillar” and “By Design” are examples of this. Baskerfield Jones‘ soulful vocals are a perfect complement to the music. She adds her own swagger and funk to the lead single, “This Is Coming To?” and “Wasteland”. “Come on Over” showcases Jones’ vocal versatility and is so beautifully executed. Even though they have a lead vocalist, you still can’t help but feel that this is truly a band and there are no stand outs. The Rebirth is a band in every sense of the word. All work together and each member has talents that they bring to the table to make this band great. “Being Thru the Eyes of a Child” is definitely an album you can listen to straight through. Every song on here is SO good. I’m sure true music heads will find themselves going back and listening to the many nuances they provide in their sound.  Check them out and support this music.  If they roll through your city be sure not to miss them.

Being Thru the Eyes of a Child” is available now on iTunes
The Rebirth Official Website

Check out the video for the first single, “This Is Coming To?”


Award Season: Robert Glasper and Lalah Hathaway Win at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards!

Lalah+Hathaway & Robert+GlasperGRAMMY

Congratulations to Robert Glasper, Lalah Hathaway and Malcolm Jamal Warner for their wonderful rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Jesus Children of America” off of the Robert Glasper Experiment album, “Black Radio 2”. Their version, “Jesus Children” won in the Grammy category for Best Traditional R&B Performance. Check it out below! Have you listened to this album yet? If not, you can check out The Robert Glasper Experiment here.  This album and it’s predecessor, “Black Radio”, are both classics and breathes new life into the Jazz genre. Both are available on iTunes. Keep on supporting this music and let the masses know! If you have listened to the Robert Glasper Experiment, what do you think of them and their effect on the Jazz world today?

Artist Spotlight: JazzMine Garfield

JazzMine Garfield

Hey Soulsters! Now, this is why I do this. I write this blog for the love of coming across the musical gems out there that have been overlooked. Boy, did a come across a soulful and eclectic gem in the artist, JazzMine Garfield. Ms. Garfield is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and soul artist out of Birmingham, Alabama. Her music is like nothing out there right now. A mix of jazz, soul, acoustic and folk, this Sista’s sound is in a genre all it’s own. Now this is what I call great music. I came across Ms. Garfield online and her sound captured me immediately! I have been stalking her SoundCloud page for the past few days listening to everything she has put out thus far (daggone, she has ALOT of music…GOOD music) and I am so excited about her sound. She already has an EP that was released a couple of years ago on Bandcamp called “Loves Bullet“. It’s available for download here and it is really an incredible listen.

JazzMine Garfield also has a forthcoming EP this year called “Write Every Wrong”. Can’t wait for that! In the meantime take a listen below to a few songs that she has released in anticipation of the new EP. Check her out and support this music and super talented artist. I am definitely a certified new fan and I’m sure once you take a listen, you will be too! Enjoy!

Let her know how her music makes you FEEL and hit her Facebook Fan Page here!

Listen Up! Jairus Mozee – The Elevator Album


I was searching the web for some GOOD music and came across the single, “Just How You Like” from jazz guitarist, Jairus Mozee’s, “The Elevator Album”. He is based out of Long Beach, CA and has worked with Anthony Hamilton, Robin Thicke, Cee-Lo Green and Faith Evans among many others. If you love J Dilla, “The Elevator Album” is right up your alley. Listen to the tracks below and let me know what you think!

Just How You Like

How about this one? Time featuring Ronee’ Mozee

Or this.. Elevator

Well if this has wet your musical appetite, then check out his entire CD here! Support GOOD music!

Diggin’ In MY Crates

This is going to be a series on this site that highlights the music that I have in my music collection that I would like to share. Check it out! You may even want to add it to your own collection!


I have been going through old music lately and found this wonderful album, “On Becoming A Woman” by Alison Crockett. I’ve been playing it all week and it has brought so many memories back to me of where I was in my life at that time. Released in 2003, this R&B Soul and Jazz album was essential to the “Neo Soul” (for lack of a better term) movement. This album was one of many that opened my ears to alternative music than what was popular on the airwaves and also gave a fresh perspective on love relationships (“Crossroads”, “Like Rain” – my favorite jams) and living life (“Alive”). The song “Nappy even planted the seed of embracing my natural hair, which I didn’t decide to do ’till many years later. That anthem served as a catalyst to enjoying the freedom that I experience today with my hair.

Her soulful voice is so beautiful throughout this album and the jazzy vibe is inviting and a great listen by the fire in these cold days and nights.

Listen to a couple of cuts from the album below and hear for yourself!

Alison Crockett has gone on to put out more great music since this album debut and you can catch up with her here.

This album and her others are also available on iTunes and CD Baby.

New Video: Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Jill Scott “Calls”

Love this! This song is so cool, smooth and DIFFERENT! The creativity is off the charts here. I can’t wait till Black Radio 2 comes out on Oct. 29th! If you haven’t heard it’s predecessor Black Radio, then you better go get that. Then you will understand why the streets are buzzing for the sequel!