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Concert Vibes: The Foreign Exchange Live in Atlanta


Hey Soulsters! The Foreign Exchange graced Atlanta with their soulful presence on Friday at Terminal West. Of course, as a huge fan of this group, you know I couldn’t let them come through my city without catching their show. They are currently on a world tour promoting their latest release, “Love In Flying Colors“. See the album review here.

I saw FE+ for the first time last October and that show was incredible. It’s great to know that each time you see an artist live, their show is even better than before. That was certainly the case on Friday night. The FE crew consisted of Nicolay, Phonte, Zo!, and Carmen Rodgers this go round. They started with their first single off the latest album, “Call It Home“. Phonte’s vocals were definitely on point and I remember thinking, “What a great way to open the show“. I got chills when they walked out to that song. It just got better from there. “If I knew Then” featuring Carmen Rodgers (which is my joint!) was next. Another great song on the album. “Love In Flying Colors” has many great songs on it and they pretty much showcased all of them except one or two. Singer, songwriter and Decatur, GA native, Gwen Bunn made a guest appearance during Zo!‘s, “Count To Five“. This is my favorite song off Zo!‘s ManMade offering, his latest. It introduced me to the very talented Bunn and I have been a fan of her music ever since. See the video for this single here. I was so excited to see her run up on the stage! At the last Atlanta FE+show back in October, Phonte called her out to perform this song, but to my dismay she wasn’t in the building. What a pleasant surprise that Ms. Bunn was there this night and rocked it!

I loved the song choices of past FE+ music that they chose to perform. Songs like, “I Wanna Know”, “House of Cards”, “Come Around”, “Take Off The Blues” and “Nic’s Groove” had me jamming the rest of the night. It seems to me that there was more music than what I remember from the other show, which is more than welcomed!

If you haven’t already, please go and check out FE+ while they are on tour. You can find their tour dates in a city near you on their website,! You don’t want to miss this show.

Here is a snippet of “If I Knew Then” from the show below!


Concert Vibes

Hey Soulsters! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been taking care of some business that needed my full attention. Now that it’s pretty much taken care of, I can get back to this site on a more regular basis. No worries though…I did find time to attend some pretty cool shows during my hiatus. Here are a couple that I would like to share with you.

Mayer Hawthorne with Quadron
I actually discovered singer/songwriter, Mayer Hawthorne while watching a show on VH-1 (can’t remember which, probably a bad reality show to pass the time). They highlighted his single at the time, “Her Favorite Song” and the smooth groove of this song grabbed my attention right away. I went on to look him up online and came across his video for this song. “Another Blue-eyed soul artist”, I thought to myself as I watched the video skeptically. I enjoyed the concept of the vid though and I was already sold on the song so I went ahead and checked him out on iTunes. I was hooked from there. He is currently on tour for his latest album, “Where Does This Door Go”, a mix of Soul, R&B, Pop/Rock and a little Hip Hop. I have had this album on repeat the later part of last year so when I found out he was coming to Atlanta, I couldn’t wait to check him out. He’s been hailed as the new Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke, but from what I’ve heard so far from him, I don’t quite agree with that comparison. Listening to this album and his two previous offerings, he’s got his own thing going on. He has toured with Erykah Badu, and Amy Winehouse and his influences range from Curtis Mayfield to J. Dilla.

This show was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t realize how many uptempo songs this guy has! I found myself jamming to his music most of the night. Even the songs that I wasn’t familiar with had me at hello, ha, ha.

Quadron is another artist that I heard on a TV show that I had been watching. I went about looking for them in the same way as Mayer Hawthorne. What a gem I discovered when I found their latest, “Avalanche”! This group is out of Denmark and consists of lead singer Coco O and musician/producer Robin Hannibal. Coco O’s vocals are so soulful and beautiful in whatever she sings you can’t help but be drawn into their sound. During the show, I couldn’t help but marvel at how effortless she sounded and how close to the recordings her performance was. Their music productions are solid and so melodic that this duo has so much to offer true music lovers. Even though they are on a major label, you don’t hear too much about them in mainstream radio. It’s really a shame. I beg you to check out their latest as well as their self-titled debut, “Quadron”.
See a couple of videos from this show below.

Check out Mayer Hawthorne here.

Check out Quadron here.

Top 5 Annoying Things I Encounter While Attending Indie Soul Concerts

zen-crowdNow don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going to shows of some of my favorite artists. I love live music and enjoy the overall vibe of the people there as well as the performers. However, there are a few things that annoy the hell out of me when attending these shows. Since I mostly go to see independent soul artists, I noticed a few common things that I run into at quite a few of them. Here are my top 5.

5. Afros Galore – The biggest Afros are out in full force at these shows, no doubt. All naturals take the opportunity to show off their latest styles and try to outdo the other. They should have a competition on who has the biggest, most super fly hair. It would be an event in itself. Saying this as a natural Sista myself, I have no problem with natural hair. I LOVE being natural and appreciate seeing my fellow Brothas and Sistas wearing their hair and embracing the way it grows out of our scalp, towards the sun, the way God intended. What I don’t enjoy is it blocking my view while I’m trying to get a good visual of what I paid good money to see.

4. Is A Size Small Too Much To Ask For? – I run into this problem ALOT. Usually before, during and after a show, lots of artists are known to sell their CDs and paraphernalia. My concert ritual is to always check this out after the show is over. So here I go to wait on a long line of fellow soul fans anxiously waiting to support my artist. When I finally get to the table, to my dismay, I get “Sorry, we don’t have anymore smalls. We have medium, large and extra-large”. When I hear this a sudden attack of the eye rolls ensues. Then I get, “Well medium will look nice on you”. Then they proceed to pull one of them out and it looks huge for a medium. Happens to me every time.

3. Never Starts On Time – I hate to say it, but I have never been to a show that actually started with the opening act when the ticket says the show is supposed to start. NEVER. If it’s supposed to start at 8:00 PM, nine times out of ten it MIGHT start an hour later. I went to one show where the show started late and the opening act, not the headliner, started the show an hour and a half late and their set lasted an hour. Who does that?! I enjoyed that artist, however, I didn’t pay to see them. On top of that the headliner only performed for an hour at best. The guilty shall remain nameless here, but I’m sure you get my drift.

2. Can You Please Sit Down!?! – This makes me want to nash my teeth into a powdery substance! I understand that you may be feeling the vibe, the music, and the artist. I can appreciate that because I go can there too…but don’t think you are the only one in the daggone room! This kills me. People will stand through an entire song or two just swaying, oblivious to their surroundings, because this is their “jam”. I did not pay to see your ass swaying in front of me to the soundtrack of my favorite artist. Not cool. If you are guilty of this, please check yourself.

1. Standing Room Only – Really? – My number one pet peeve. I hate venues like this and unfortunately a lot of indie soul music concerts are held in these so called “intimate” dwellings. I understand that artists in this genre may have a smaller following and thought goes to filling these smaller venues with no seating. Some artists are not in a position to play in bigger and seated venues. I get that. However, my personal preference is to sit down and listen to my artist. If I want to get up and groove, I can go and do that too, without disturbing anyone’s view (see #2). I shouldn’t be made to stand for 3+ hours straight! Especially if I want to wear my cute shoes that I just bought to go with my outfit that I just had to wear to THIS show. I don’t want to have to wear unflattering flats to every show I go to. Can a Sista be cute in her heels and sit down? Also another problem I have with this is that these particular venues are not short people friendly. I am 5’2″, so ANYONE standing in front of me is a problem. I will say that this has kept me from going to a few shows. I have to REALLY want to see the artist if I go to a standing room only venue. Now if it’s a House music show, well hey, I’m all for standing up and dancing all night with my flats in tow.

What are your pet peeves when attending Indie Soul shows?

Concert Alert!

Zo! will be performing at Vinyl in Atlanta on this Saturday, August 10th. You certainly don’t want to miss his show. Part of the Foreign Exchange family be ready to have his music lift you up and have you feelin’ good! He will be performing tracks from his latest release, ManMade as well as from his previous offerings, of course. He also has so many collabs with some of our favorite underground soul artists (Anthony David, Phonte, Yahzarah, Erro) that you never know who will drop by! Don’t let the Atlanta rain deter you from enjoying the “Sun Storm” that will take place at Vinyl Saturday night.


Get Tickets Here!