Ok, here I am people!  A lover of music since I was a child.  A child waking up on Saturday mornings to Daddy playing records from his turntables in our Staten Island, NY apartment.  He would play everything from The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind and Fire to Steely Dan and Phil Collins.  Every day was a new musical journey growing up in that house.  Since I was an only child music was like a sibling to me…or at least a big part of my family.  Music was everywhere.

Now I know you are probably wondering, “Well does she sing, play or write music since she LOVES it so much?”  The answer is no.  I mean I sing a little bit (at full voice alone in my car, of course), but besides that not a singer or writer.  I was never interested in picking up an instrument either.  Even to this day, I just do not have the desire or talent to actually make music myself.  What I do have is a great ear for music…a passion for it.  When I listen to music, it takes me to a place and fills me up. I love many different Genres and although I favor some (R&B Soul, Jazz, Neo Soul, House, some Pop and Rock) more than others (Country, Heavy Metal), I find that I do gravitate to music from some of my least favorite genres.  It really doesn’t matter.  Music for me is about how it moves me and makes me FEEL. I love artists from Barbara Streisand to Jamiroquai and beyond.

Anyway, I write all of this to say that I am starting this blog to share my love and passion for music and the many artists that I come across daily.  Many of the artists I will discuss here are considered underground or Neo Soul (I really hate this term along with many of the artists that have been lumped into this label, but I digress) and artists that are not necessarily mainstream.  You don’t really hear these super talented people on your local radio station.  They don’t meet the ridiculous criteria of the program/music directors at our many V-103 and Kiss FM stations where the same hip hop and R&B songs are on constant rotation daily.  The artists I will talk about have something to say in their music.  I just feel they deserve a platform to be heard and I want to introduce them as an alternative to the crap that is shoved down our throats.  Where is the REAL music!!!  Well it’s out there and this blog serves as a way for me to acknowledge the beauty these artists bring and share it with those that may be interested and searching for something better!

Since I live in Atlanta, Ga. I am so blessed to I attend and have access to many live music shows here.  I will share those experiences here as well.  So sit back and join me as I discover REAL music and share my passion for it with you.  Any feedback from fellow passionate music nerds is welcome as well.  The more the better!  Let’s dialogue about our love for music!

Carla H.
Music Soulster
Email: soulstervibes@gmail.com
Twitter: @soulstervibes
Facebook: soulstervibes1

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  1. Hey, do you take submissions and/or review music by indie artists? I’m an independent alternative soul artist– singer, multi-instrumentalist and I’d love it if you’d check out some of my work. soundcloud.com/gregoryneil.com

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