Old School Saturday: Groove Theory, “Tell Me”


Happy Saturday Soulsters! Now this is a fabulous blast from the past. Groove Theory  consisted of singer, producer, Bryce Wilson and singer/songwriter, Amel Larrieux. This album changed the game as far as hearing something different from the “new jack swing” sound that was slowing moving out at that time. So much soul and melody, this album was a welcome breath of fresh air in R&B music.

“Tell Me” was their first single and introduced us to their smooth sound and Larrieux’s lovely and soulful vocals.  Larrieux went on to a successful solo career and has released five independent projects.  She is considered Neo Soul royalty among her fans that have been following her since her Groove Theory days.  Reminisce on this classic and check out the video below.  Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Old School Saturday: Groove Theory, “Tell Me”

  1. This is the song that made me fall in love with Amel!lol This is a beautiful song. I was so upset when she came out here to Cali a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to see her perform live. One of my lifes goals.lol

    1. Yep Amel is so talented and doesn’t get the credit and exposure she deserves. Her solo debut, “Infinite Possibilities” is my favorite album from her. Thanks for your comment!

      1. Yes that’s a great cd! I love her new cd Ice Cream Everyday. I’ve been playing it a lot lately. She has some wonderful songs on it. Her voice is so soothing. I’ve chatted with her a few times on Twitter. She’s really a cool laid back lady. I told her it was a honor that she followed me on Twitter.lol

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