Old School Saturday: Stevie Wonder, “Contusion”

Hey Soulsters!  We wanted to share with you our Old School Saturday pick for this week.  All time great, Stevie Wonder’s, “Contusion”.  This piece was introduced to the world in 1976 on his Songs in The Key of Life album.  It’s not real popular as far as radio spins go, however, Stevie Wonder fans all over the world know and love this classic.  He is currently performing it on his tour.  Check out the original version from the album and his most recent performance of the song during his tour below.    

Great isn’t it? Share your thoughts of this classic! Also if you have any artists or songs that you would like to see featured on Old School Saturday, please feel free to email us at soulstervibes@gmail.com!

5 thoughts on “Old School Saturday: Stevie Wonder, “Contusion”

  1. I have this double cd. It was one the greatest albums of ALL time! People love to throw around the word classic all the time. But this is a TRUE classic. Everyone song is just amazing. Some may disagree with me but I think it’s Stevie’s best work ever. Nothing comes close. Today’s artist could learn a lot from the genius of Stevie.

    1. Absolutely agree with you Kushite Prince! This album is a true treasure. I was so happy to see him perform Contusion at his tribute show since he rarely does it on TV. Artists need to get educated on Stevie if they are not already! Thanks for reading and your comment!

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