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Music Review: Ledisi – The Intimate Truth

intimatetruth-ep Hey Soulsters! Ledisi has just released her new acoustic EP, The Intimate Truth! This seven-song offering showcases Ledisi’s music from her album, The Truth, which was released last year.

If you have ever heard Ledisi, you know that she will never disappoint. She has one of the most dynamic voices in the game today. So when this EP was announced, I looked forward to hearing how she could blend that powerful voice in with an acoustic sound. The songs are great and she kills every note. No one can touch that voice and what she is able to do with it. Her vocal acrobatics are incredible. However, The Intimate Truth is not an acoustic album in the true sense. When you think of acoustic you think of voices blending in with the guitar, piano and percussion in a way that it is all one sound. Ledisi’s voice is so powerful that it overshadows the instruments. I would have just loved to have heard her soften her sound if she was going to do an acoustic offering, otherwise, The Truth could have just stood on its own. The songs that stand out the most to me, are “Like This”, “I Blame You”, and “Lose Control”. If you enjoyed The Truth, you will definitely enjoy this EP. Ledisi does what she does very well!

The Intimate Truth is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Ledisi Official Website

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Hi Soulsters! Today, let’s reflect and celebrate the legacy and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. With all that is going on in this country today, such as inequality, social injustice and division, let’s honor the man who shared his dream and lead us towards it. We have come a long way since then, but there is still a long way to go. Common’s song, “Dream” pays a great homage to Dr. King and the spirit of the movement. Dr. King inspired this song and this artist along with many others. Powerful words…powerful song. Check out the video and listen to the message. Thank you Dr. King!

Award Season: Glory! Congrats to John Legend and Common!

John Legend and Commonselma-movie-poster

Singer, songwriter and activist, John Legend and Rap artist and poet, Common captured the Golden Globe for Best Original Song with “Glory” from the motion picture Selma last night.  Being a long-time, mega fan of both of these artists, I was so proud watching the broadcast last night when their win was announced.  Both are extremely talented and so active in the community, so I would like to honor them here on Soulster Vibes. Legend and Common’s “Glory” is an example of what music can do and how it can reach and influence the masses. What an awesome and powerful song.  It speaks so much to the turmoil, division and unity of today as well as during the Civil Rights Movement as being one in the same. See their powerful acceptance speech here and the “Glory” video (with words) below. Soak it in people and share your thoughts of the song and this wonderful moment in music.

Post Update: The official video just came out! Check it out below!