Artist Spotlight: JazzMine Garfield

JazzMine Garfield

Hey Soulsters! Now, this is why I do this. I write this blog for the love of coming across the musical gems out there that have been overlooked. Boy, did a come across a soulful and eclectic gem in the artist, JazzMine Garfield. Ms. Garfield is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and soul artist out of Birmingham, Alabama. Her music is like nothing out there right now. A mix of jazz, soul, acoustic and folk, this Sista’s sound is in a genre all it’s own. Now this is what I call great music. I came across Ms. Garfield online and her sound captured me immediately! I have been stalking her SoundCloud page for the past few days listening to everything she has put out thus far (daggone, she has ALOT of music…GOOD music) and I am so excited about her sound. She already has an EP that was released a couple of years ago on Bandcamp called “Loves Bullet“. It’s available for download here and it is really an incredible listen.

JazzMine Garfield also has a forthcoming EP this year called “Write Every Wrong”. Can’t wait for that! In the meantime take a listen below to a few songs that she has released in anticipation of the new EP. Check her out and support this music and super talented artist. I am definitely a certified new fan and I’m sure once you take a listen, you will be too! Enjoy!

Let her know how her music makes you FEEL and hit her Facebook Fan Page here!

2 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: JazzMine Garfield

  1. I had to listen after reading your review! And I agree, she sounds great and quite different too. Simply You has a sort of open, Broken Beat feel to it…love it! Keep searching out that talent Soulster!

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