Annual Record Store Day!


Hey Soulsters! I want to remind you that Record Store Day is here! “What is that?”, you ask. Record Store Day is the annual international celebration of independent record stores. It will take place this Saturday, April 19th! All record stores all over the world will participate with activities such as exclusive vinyl releases, live music events, giveaways, etc. to pay homage to this medium of music.

This day is certainly near and dear to me because the institution of the local record store helped nurture my love for music. Growing up in New York, going to a record store was the norm for me. Music was all around back then and having so much access to it (whether it was radio or my Dad playing his music first thing every morning) filled my days with color and light. I just had to have the latest hit or new song that I heard being played on the radio. New York DJ’s had the pulse on what was hot at the time and the local record store owners seemed to be right in sync with them. Whatever, I was looking for or heard the day before made my trip to the store a success the next day. That record would already be there waiting for me. Oh, those were the days! Back then it was Rock & Soul Records on 7th Avenue in New York City. That was my spot! I would go there after school as a teen trying to find the latest songs I heard from DJ’s on my local radio station. (or sometimes cut class to go) and get lost there in the various collections and selections. It was my musical haven. I would spend hours there.

I rediscovered that love for record stores when I moved here to Atlanta and came across Moods Music in Little 5 Points. I met Darryl Harris, the owner, while perusing his collection of Soul, House, Jazz, R&B, Acid Jazz, Imports, Old School (the list goes on and on…) and I was soooo gone. He is so knowledgeable and can recommend music that you would love. This local record store has EVERYTHING a music head could want. They even have what you don’t know you want. It’s definitely a neighborhood music staple. I appreciate this place so much.

We need to support these businesses in this day and age of the digital download. This day is just our way of showing our appreciation for what they mean to the community and their way of reminding us that they are STILL here. If you are lucky enough to have a local record store in your neighborhood or area, stop through and show some love. I’m sure love the color of green or made of plastic would be accepted!

See Moods Music flyer below for Record Store Day below:

Moods Music is located at 1131 Euclid Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 653-0724

3 thoughts on “Annual Record Store Day!

  1. Great post! And an entertaining way to discover and appreciate new music. I was in Atlanta a couple of years ago and missed this store. Next time…
    Keep up the good work!

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