Listen Up! Remy Shand, “The Best In Me”

Remy Shand

Canadian Soul singer and musician, Remy Shand is back! I was listening to Pandora the other day and Remy Shand’s, “Take A Message“, just appeared out of the blue. Boy, how I reminisced on how I loved this song from his 2002 release, “The Way I Feel“. That album had such a cool and soulful vibe. It’s back in rotation on my IPOD now nonstop. While I listened to this album, it made me want to find out if he had any new music. To my delight, he does! He just released his new single “The Best In Me” a few days ago. Take a listen to the track below. It’s so funky and mellow. “The Best In Me” is sure to take you on a journey. Hopefully this is a sign of more to come from him in 2014. Enjoy!

You can purchase the single here.

Throwback Remy Shand, “Take a Message

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