Diggin’ In MY Crates

This is going to be a series on this site that highlights the music that I have in my music collection that I would like to share. Check it out! You may even want to add it to your own collection!


I have been going through old music lately and found this wonderful album, “On Becoming A Woman” by Alison Crockett. I’ve been playing it all week and it has brought so many memories back to me of where I was in my life at that time. Released in 2003, this R&B Soul and Jazz album was essential to the “Neo Soul” (for lack of a better term) movement. This album was one of many that opened my ears to alternative music than what was popular on the airwaves and also gave a fresh perspective on love relationships (“Crossroads”, “Like Rain” – my favorite jams) and living life (“Alive”). The song “Nappy even planted the seed of embracing my natural hair, which I didn’t decide to do ’till many years later. That anthem served as a catalyst to enjoying the freedom that I experience today with my hair.

Her soulful voice is so beautiful throughout this album and the jazzy vibe is inviting and a great listen by the fire in these cold days and nights.

Listen to a couple of cuts from the album below and hear for yourself!

Alison Crockett has gone on to put out more great music since this album debut and you can catch up with her here.

This album and her others are also available on iTunes and CD Baby.

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