Whatever happened to…

I was going through my music collection this weekend and I came across some artists that put together some great music a few years back…but I haven’t heard anything from them in a long while. Now, these are underground soul artists that some of you may not be familiar with. Those of you that have been listening to indie soul for a while now may know these artists. If any of you know their whereabouts on the music scene, please help a Sista find them. Their debut albums were crazy beautiful to me and for whatever reasons they have dropped off the music radar…at least mine anyway.


Nuwamba – Above The Water

This album was released in 2005 and is one of my favorites jams. From start to finish I just couldn’t stop listening to it. Even today, if I listen to this album it will stay in rotation for AT LEAST a couple of weeks! I discovered Nuwamba’s music while visiting my old hang out , The Apache Cafe, here in Atlanta. He happened to be performing and tore the house down! I bought the CD from him that night and I have been looking forward to new music from him ever since.
Here is a live rendition that I found on his YouTube page of “Heaven” off this album.

Nuwamba’s Above The Water is available on iTunes, cdbaby and at your local independent record stores.

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