Side Note – Blogalicious 5 Conference

I had the most amazing time attending the 5th Annual Blogalicious Conference here in Atlanta last week! I met the most wonderful people who blog their passions day in and day out. There was a wide spectrum of bloggers from fashion, parenting, technology, health and fitness to music (hello!) and of course natural hair. There was also many bloggers that ranged from highly successful and experienced to brand new bloggers. The energy of the people there was so supportive and helpful. Whether you were an experienced blogger or new to the game, everyone had something to offer the next person. Information was readily available for any and all. All you had to do was ask. Everyone was willing to share their experiences and advice. I was just in awe of the overall vibe of everyone there (thus the name of this blog – I work well with vibes, ha, ha). I was proud to be able to glean so much helpful information from all types of bloggers. The energy at Blogalicious was nothing but love and support. Even the guest speakers and celebrities that came through were so welcoming and accessible. You couldn’t get any better than that. I will certainly make my way out to the next one. Just let me know the date and place and I’m there!

5 thoughts on “Side Note – Blogalicious 5 Conference

  1. I didn’t feel like I was ready to jump into a whole blogging conference since I’ve only been at it 6 months, but I definitely want to go next year. I live in ATL; I have no excuse!

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