Video – Zo! “Count to Five”

Hey Soulsters! Ok, I’m a little behind on this one, but when I found it I just had to share. Check out the video below for Zo!’s, “Count To Five” featuring Gwen Bunn. This song happens to be my favorite single from the album, “ManMade” released on May 21st. Whenever I listen to this album, I always play this song at least six or seven times. It’s that addictive. Zo! is part of The Foreign Exchange Family. If you are into the underground music scene like I am then you BETTER know who that is! If not, then this is a good introduction. Zo’s music is so fun and soulful. The beats and rhythms he creates as the foundation for his songs are like nothing you are hearing out here today. The concept of the video is clever, very creative and a little out there. I do get the concept and I am diggin’ it. It’s like an homage to Sesame Street and watching Phonte (Go on boy!) gives me life! He is hilarious in this! I enjoyed Gwen Bunn’s performance in this vid also since her presence matches the vocals to a tee. Her easy going style and soul child personality comes out at you. They just make you want to join in the fun. This song and video makes me smile 🙂
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ManMade is available on iTunes or at your local record store.

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