Live Performance Review – Donnie at Apache Cafe


Hey Soulsters!  Went and checked out Donnie at the Apache Café to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.  Now I believe the last time I saw this soulful brother was about 5 years ago.  At that show, he announced he was going on hiatus to take care of himself and said he wouldn’t be performing for a while.  I don’t know what personal issues he had to deal with, but I’m glad he was able to go and regroup.  His performance was absolutely wonderful and he seemed like he was BACK! His vocals were on point, stage presence engaging and he seemed so humbled by the love of the Apache crowd.  I couldn’t ask for a better Donnie performance.  He performed songs from his debut album, “The Colored Section” and brought the house down.  Songs like “Beautiful Me”, “People Person”, “Our New National Anthem”, “Big Black Buck”, and my all- time favorite, pro-natural hair anthem, “Cloud” had the Apache crowd on their feet with nostalgia and excitement.  I absolutely LOVED the songs on this album and it brought back so many memories of my first year here in Atlanta in 2003.   I would play this CD in my car non-stop for 3 months straight.  That CD made me feel at home.  Donnie made me believe him when he sang “You Have a Friend” during those early days in my new city.  Atlanta can be a lonely city at times, so Donnie’s music certainly welcomed me with open arms at that time in my life.

He went on to perform some songs from his upcoming album “The American Mythology”.  He said during the show that he had been working on it for seven years and had intended it to accompany a musical Broadway play of the same title.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get the titles of the songs that he performed, but I must say that it was the most innovative, provocative music that I have heard in a long time.  From what I heard that night, the vocals, musical arrangements and instrumentation of his upcoming release will take you aback.  There is nothing like it out there today and should not be ignored.  It was refreshing to hear this brother speak about the state of America today and even give an Ode to our President, “Yes We Can”.  The message in this song might surprise you.  I must say, I can’t wait for its release on July 4th.  How appropriate is that!?!  I will be the first to grab a copy of this!  I have marked my calendar.

Welcome back, Donnie!

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Check out his performance of “People Person”

If you want to hear more then get his music on iTunes, or your local independent record store near you!  Support this music!

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